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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - HJ

Skying with Denise......

She doesn`t agree with none of the groups and she wants justice. People judge country by the nearest country.Colombia may be close to Mexico but they`re different in may ways. They may all talk the same language but Colombia is much bitter,and a lot of other thing.The government is try to find the leaders but not really caring. The government doesn't really care what happens out of city limits, at least that's what I remember. She try`s to help those who don`t get their human rights. What we hear is only what the media is telling us and not the truth. Some may be true but not all truth and the same thing that happened at all, some times. Nobody knows what happens because by the time it gets back the media has killed the story completely.

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