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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - KJ

Yesterday, my class skyped with one of Mr. Joe’s friends again. His name is Blake. His wife is Colombian and his son is half American, half Colombian. He wanted to travel to every country in Latin America. He didn’t meet his goal but he got very close. He could ramble off many of the countries he has been to and the countries he hasn’t yet visited. Currently, Blake is living in Carrboro, N.C. while his wife, Denise, is visiting Cartagena, Colombia along with her son 14 month old Sam. Blake is a American citizen, Denise is a Colombian citizen, and Sam has dual citizen.

We learned a ton of facts, so here they are. When Blake was in Colombia, he said he felt very safe. There were police on buildings holding guns protecting the people. He said he liked the music, food, and people in Colombia. He said it was very tropical and had many tropical fruits, birds and butterflies. Soccer is a big sport in Colombia and so is cycling. They also have baseball and tennis. One of the big things is beauty pageants. He said that Colombia is well known for having the most beauty pageants. He said that it is very sad. The women are very self conscious, have a low self esteem and grow up feeling like objects. 95% of the people in Colombia but some of them don’t practice. The pets in Colombia are mainly dogs and cats. Dogs must and cats must catch mice, but in America, it’s the exact opposite. There iguanas and small monkeys and other animals as well. He also said that the average U.S. citizen has more money than 90% of Colombians. His favorite Colombian dish is an empanada type food. Colombians have a reputation of being the most friendly people.

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