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Friday, December 31, 2010

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - CJam

Blog #4
Hey dude(s), it”s me again, with another blog. Now today, I’ll be blogging about our skype chat with Jessica. First of all she & Saif don’t care about each others religions & when they have kids, they want them to decide what they want to believe. Another thing is that when she went on a tour to the pyramids in Egypt, she got ripped off & didn’t get to see interior the pyramids. Also, it seems that it’s gonna take about 5 to 6 months until Saif is able to come to America. Well that’s all I got for now so okay laters.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - CE

Jessica Interview
Jessica is Saifs wife the on the other blog I wrote. She is a Christain and lives in N.C. in the U.S.A. They are working on a Visa, a passport that can transport a foreigner to one country. She met Saif in Egypt at a Hotel. She worked as a massager and Saif worked as a waiter or something like that. They became good friends and played ping-pong at free times. Then they got married a couple months later. Even though their religons are diffrent they still love each other. Jessica is now helping Saif move to America, it’s very hard.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - AH

Skype Chat With Jessica

By A.H.

We talked to Jessica though Skype. Jessica is Saif’s wife. She was very nice just like Saif. She was fun, laid back, and she answered all of our questions. Jessica is Cristen, and her husband Saif is Muslim. They don’t really care if that one is Muslim and the other is Cristen. And they don’t care if there kids are Muslim or Cristen, which I think that’s really cool. Jessica said that she really like Islam a lot. Saif also said that he likes Islam a lot. She waiting for saif to move to the U.S so they can be together. That’s was are chat with Jessica.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - LA

The Skype with Jessica

Today’s blog was awesome! We finally got to meet Jessica, Saif’s wife and Mr. Joe’s future sister-in-law. She lives in Greensboro, North Carlina. And she is 26 yrs old. Her sister is Ashley. And her husband is Saif, who is muslim. I can definitely tell that both Jessica and Saif love each other dearly, despite the fact that one is christian and the other is muslim. But they do respect one another for who they are, what they are, how they act, and their religion. Anyway, Jessica is really cool. She answered all our questions and she likes us. They both met in a hotel in Egypt, became friends and played ping-pong, and then got married. So I hope that they can meet us in Oregon, and I wish them the best of luck at their marriage.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - MM

Skype with Jessica

By M.M.

Today, November 10, we skyped with Mr. Joe’s soon-to-be sister in law! Her name is Jessica, and she is the wife of the aforementioned (In my last blog post) Saif. But if you don’t remember Saif, he is a nice, smart, cool Muslim guy whom at the moment is living in Tunisia. Jessica has been to Egypt, Israel, Tunisia and more! She lives in Greensboro N.C. and as soon as Saif gets his visa he will be living there too!

Jessica was very nice. She told us about her experience in Egypt, her journey to the pyramids, how she met Saif, and how people treated her. Apparently, she was worried about going to Egypt and and even brought a veil just in case she needed one, but everyone was very nice to her, and she said she felt safer there then she did here sometimes! That really surprised me! I thought people wouldn’t be insanely nice, but they were actually really liked America, like Obama, and even wanted to come and visit! Its was really cool hearing about her going to all these different countries. Like when she went to Israel, she had told us that everyone had to go into the military when they turned 18, male or female, and that she had seen girls 18 years old, with machine gun, standing in uniform! It was all so cool to hear! I really learned some interesting things about those places. They even made me want to go visit Egypt, but be careful about getting some to bring you to the pyramids, she got ripped off! But she said they were cool!

I really enjoyed talking to Jessica! Though I was surprised at how much alike her, Saif, and Mr. Joe were! We decided Joe’s personality is contagious! Better watch out! Well, I’ll just say, to rap this up lazily, I REALLY hope we get to talk to both Jessica and Saif again!!!!!

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - HJ


Today we talked to Jessica on skype. She lives in Greensboro, N.C. I thought it was cool that two different religion people could get married. And not make each other changed. I couldn't believe that Egypt was totally cool with America people. I couldn't believe that her favorite food was something really close to what we eat. I couldn't believe that everybody 18 and over had to be in the army. Even a girl. I'm going now so bye.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - JS


Today we got to Skype with Saif’s wife Jessica. She talked about a lot of things having to do with Religion, Discrimination, Getting Saif over here and how they met. When she was talking about Religion, she told us about how she is going to stay Christin and he is going to stay Muslim, and if they have kids, they are going to let them decided what they want to be. When she started talking about Discrimination, she told us about how she was a little worried about Saif being teased because he is Muslim when he comes to America. Then she told us about how hard it is trying to get Saif to America. She told us about how hard it is getting a visa and about all the back round cheek’s he has to go through. Jessica told us her and Saif met in Egypt when she was a Massage Therapist at a hotel there. It was really cool meeting her and i hope we get to Skype with her again.


Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - CJ

Take with Jessica

The take with Jessica was every interesting. I learned that Saif and Jessica have the same personality. They don’t care that ones Islam and one is Christen. She said that she would move to Tunisia if Saif could not get a visa to live in America. She said she loves Tunisia. She going to school so she could be a massage therapist. She went to Egypt to work at a hotel and that’s were she and Saif met they play ping ball for awhile and become friends. She lives in Greensboro , NC. That just some of what I got out of the take with Jessica.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - SP

meeting jessica

when i first met jessica she said she was scared that people in Egypt would not like her,but when she got to Egypt she learned that people there liked Americans, and wish they could come to America themselves. i also learned that jessica was brave to go to a foregone country. jessica was very nice and if she ever came to Oregon i would like to meet her in person.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - DA

Talk with Jessica!

Today we talked with Mr.Joe’s future sister in-law.She is married to Saif.Currently they are trying to get Saif to America.Her and Saif met at a hotel in Egypt.Jessica is a massage therapist.she lives in north Carolina .

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - DK

Interviewing Jessica

Jessica was awesomer than Saif. We had a interview with Saif wife Jessica. I did not know that Jessica was going to get married to Saif. We did a skype with her. She is from Greensboro, North Carolina. Go North Carolina Tar Heels. She is a Christian and I’m a Christian too. They both are waiting for a VISA (passport) to stay for a curtain amount of time in the USA. She is trying to learn French to see Saif in Tunisia. She is a massage therapist, I have a cousin that is a massage therapist.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - RS

Talk with Jessica

Today I talked to Jessica about what happened when she

went to Egypt.She told us how she met Saif at a hotel.She

also told us about her reaction when she went to Tunisia.

We talked to her on skype.Then we talked about how hard

was it to get Siaf here.Then she told us about that she is

waiting for a visa witch is a passport.She expected

the people to be mad at her.Then she met Saif

when they worked together and became friends.

That is what i leaned.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - SM

Skype With Jessica

Today we Skyped with Mr. Joe’s future sister in law. Her name is Jessica and she is married to a Muslim named Saif. Jessica lives in Greensboro North Carolina, she is waiting for a Visa so Saif can move to America.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - ED

meeting Jessica on skype was really cool and especially because she is from north Carolina so i thought it was really cool. I thought it was cool to get both of saifs and Jessica's perspective on there religion and there life. Every day saif and Jessica are talking on skype and they have been doing that for 4 to 5 months now. They both met in a hotel in Egypt and they became friends and they played ping pong every day and then they got married. She was a girl who worked as a massage therapist and he worked as something but i cant remember so and they got married and are gonna live happily ever after.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - BB


Today we talked to Jessica on skype. Jessica is open to Saif staying Muslim. Saif is open to Jessica staying Christan. Jessica lives in Greensboro,N.C.,U.S.. They are waiting on Saif’s Visa so Saif can move here. If Jessica has kids she will let them see both religions and let them chose. She meet Saif while she was a massage therapist at a hotel in Egypt.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - TS

Jessica The American!

Today we as a class skyped with Mr.Joe’s future sister in law, Jessica. Jessica lives in Greensboro N.C. We asked Jessica a lot of questions involving her trip to Egypt and Saif her fiance that we skyped with earlier in the year. I have realized that Jessica and Saif have a lot in common. They both give off a vibe like they don't care who you are they can talk to you without judging. I was happy to know they don't mind each other having different beliefs which I think is really cool. Jessica is currently waiting for Saif to be able to move here to America, but relocating takes a lot of time and patience. Saif is also currently trying to acquire a visa to be able to live in America with Jessica. Jessica and Saif both seem like very nice people and I think they will both live fun and loving lives. Good luck to the both of them.


Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - RM

Skype with Jessica

Meeting Jessica was pretty cool. I thought it was interesting that her and Saif didn’t care that they had different religions and believed in different things. And that they were going to let their kids chose what they want, and they were just open to everything. It was cool to hear about how it would be to be an American going to a place like that, and the different things she experienced while she was there. And to hear about her struggles in Egypt, like the language barrier. And about some of the stuff she saw and did there. I think it would be really cool to get to visit a place like Tunisia or Egypt, and I liked learning about it from someone who has experienced it.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - MaMu

Skype with Jessica

Talking with Jessica was a fun experience for me. I didn't really learn any thing I didn't know. I had a billion questions to ask but I didn't get to ask them. Yes I am stalling I am sorry but I cant write any more.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - MaMi

We had another web chat but with Saif's wife Jessica. She told us about Tunisia and Egypt and Israel. She told us about the differences between our countries and theirs. There wasn’t that big of a difference except that women have a lot less freedom than in the U.S. The religions are also different but its not that there aren't Christians, they just have different types of Christians mixed in with Muslims. There isn't fights between the two, they were just both there. She also told us how she got ripped off with her horseback ride. She also told us that its probably going to take a year for Saif to get to the U.S.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - CRW

Skyping with With Jessica


I had a good time saying what I had to say even though I could only ask three questions. I had about ten questions written down. But Mr.Joe wouldn’t let me say all of them. I thought other peoples questions were better then mine in many ways. I think Becky’s was the best because she always has good questions. I liked talking to her and I think we should do it again some time. I sort of embarrassed my self by messing up and asking the wrong questions. It made me look really stupid, but I’m cool with that because she didn’t seem to care. Which I liked which also meant that I had proof that she was nice. That’s all I have to say about that.

Skyping with Jessica (a Christian) about Marrying a Muslim - KJ

Meeting Jessica

Today we met Jessica, Mr. Joe’s future sister in law and Saif’s wife. She and Saif turned out to have a lot in common. It was very interesting to find out that they could compromise between their religions. She said it would be a lot easier once Saif gets here. First he would have to get a visa. If he couldn’t get here she said she would move to Tunisia to live with Saif. It would be harder but she said she could manage. Saif would have to teach her how to speak french so she would have a common language she could speak to the Tunisians. She was talking to us from Greensboro, North Carolina through Skype. She was really funny and nice to be around, just like Saif. Personally she made an awesome first impression and I would love to meet her in real life along with Saif. Some day, maybe.

New Posts Coming

Hey all. It's been a bit for the new posts. I have two to post, pretty much wrapping up our look at Islam and its role in America today. Hope you enjoy.

Mr. Joe