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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

JOIN Visit - AR

At JOIN, we learned about the reasons that people are homless, and how places, like join help them out. What supprised me, is that about 2,000 people are homless and on the streets right now. JOIN said that they could not get enough of three things, blankets, underwear, and shoes. I had fun at JOIN, we made sandwhichs for all the homless people that were there, and included chips and cookies for them! I thought highly of the two men that spoke and thought it was rather brave of them to speak about what happened to them. overall, it was a good trip and I think that we all learned alot from it. Hopefully all those people will have a good turn-around at some point.

JOIN Visit - LA

I am glad to have gone to Join. I just didn't realize that so many people are homeless! I'm just happy that Join actually cares and tries to help the homeless. I just hope that when I grow up, there won't be so many homeless people. My favorite parts are fixing the homeless lunches and going to the park. The park was the funnest part. Especially the tire swing and the giant teeter-totter. Although I got sick and dizzy, I enjoyed it. I really hope I can go to Join again. I just hope that tomorrow's field work will be as interesting and fun as today's. I so can't wait till tomorrow's field work. I wonder what activities we'll be doing. I hope we'll be doing something related to helping the homeless and Scrap. I also hope there will be a park close to Mercy Corps. Well one thing's for sure:I can't wait till tomorrow.

JOIN Visit - TH

Today we went to Join. A organization that reaches out to the homeless. During our stay at Join we were able to talk to some homeless people and hear their advice to stay off the streets. We were able to learn about the most important equipment some one who lives on the streets should have and somethings they lack. We learned that one of the most important things to have for some one who lives on the street is a companion and a friend, because to be all alone is one of the worst thing to happen to anyone. Also during our stay we made lunches for some of the people who were staying at Join. When we did that it made me feel a little better about my self. Also we were able to talk to a man named Quin whose job at Join is to go to homeless camps and try to help the homeless people that he befriends. Over all it was a great experience.
Mr.T's Fourth Blog

JOIN Visit - AC

Itwas an informitiv visit. this ''join'' is prity cool.It is a homless outreach center.Mark was awer guid at join. With mark we got to lern what join dose food and showers and cloths to homless peaple in retern for servis arownd the building.with mark we got to make lunches that wer a sand wich a apple and a bag of chips for homless peaple at and arownd join.it was a lot of fun.we had three gust spekers. a one of wich was a homless drug adict who is tring to get a home outof the drug car tell area that he is curentalt living in.and join is tring to help him on that.that is a vary nice thing that they are doing.

JOIN Visit - KH

Today was a success, we learned about the homeless and how hard it is. People have to keep on moving from place to place just to eat, drink and sleep. We also learned that people can be made homeless by so many reasons. They could have gotten fired, a fire, or even weather. But what happens the most is drugs. People usually get so much drugs and when they don't have a job, they lose everything quick. I belive that even though people are homeless, they still try to get some money for food and shelter. In my eyes anybody can still get a job, people can upcycle and make some drums and people can tip him/her. Or if all they have is a flute,ocarina, or anything like that they can still earn money for breakfast,lunch or dinner. It might not be healthy, but it's still food.
But what sucks the most is that the homeless problem is never going to go away. Because people all over the world are going to have children. And when those children grow up, they're going to have children of their own. And it's never going to stop. I just think that we should ADOPT not give birth. Because that takes away the orphan problem, and after a long time we'll have room for the homeless to have a place to live.
Just saying,

JOIN Visit - JK

well on 5/17/10 we went to join it was a fun time what happen was we jot to join early so we had to wait a bit then we went into the building it smelled new wood the building was a nice set up so then we went to the family room it had a foam mat with a small play structure to play on for the small ones but we were to big to play on it so sadly some of us sat on the floor marc are guide talked about what goes on to join and what they do we had a tore of join first we went to a small place that join has set a side for people to hang out on they had a mural we headed over to a garden where the homeless learned how to cook good Greek food alot more went on but it was all fun

JOIN Visit - SC

Today at school we had a field trip. This field trip was to a place called Join. This place is a homeless shelter that provides; shelter, service, and food. Our guide Marc gave us a tour around and told us all the stories of the places. He showed us the basement, it was solar lit by these large tubs that came out of the roof. We met a guy who was pretty cool and funny. He used to be Goofy at Disney land, he did some funny and cool tricks. Then there was Danny who was a previous drug addict. He told us all about his time as a drug addict and what he did to stop. Near upon the ending we made sack lunches for all the people. After wards we went and ate lunch at a park nearby and then had a small play time at the park. I had a fun time and wish to go back and volunteer to help again.

JOIN Visit - KJ

Join is a group that helps the homeless. They don't give them shelter but they do give them food and hygiene. The homeless who come in get to do a little work and in exchange they will get a token. Tokens operate showers, washers and dryers. Mark was our guide. He showed us the building and answered some questions. We saw the volunteers work space and we got to see the supplies they have to give out. They need lots of blankets, socks and underwear. we got to make sandwiches and hand them out to the homeless people at Join. I feel sorry for the homeless.We have homes and food when they had no homes and barley enough food. we shouldn't just ignore them. we should take matters into our hands and help them. Everyone can can help but we choose not to. Some dedicated volunteers do actually help. They donate a lot of their time for others. Quin, a guy at join, told us about his job. He goes out at ten at night and talks to the homeless and tries to find them homes. After he talked to us we got to talk to Danny. He is or was homeless and he is part of join. He is a drug addict. He told us not to drink or do drugs. After that we left.

This experience has opened up my eyes to the homeless.

JOIN Visit - SM

JOIN was pretty cool. It wasn't as cool as SCRAP, but it wasn't bad. First, we got a tour of the building. Then we got to make sack lunches for the homeless people who were there. That was my favorite part. We also got to hand them out. We then sat in the family room, and three people spoke to us. The first one was actually before we made the lunches. He was a homeless man who gave us his story. The next man was an outreach helper. He told us about his job and what he did. The third was another homeless man. He had become homeless because of drugs, so his main message was to never take drugs. We then had lunch and played at a park, but that wasn't really part of JOIN. Anyway, I had a pretty good time.

JOIN Visit - JM

We went to Join on Monday and saw a lot of homeless people there that needed help with things. Join gave them a lot of help. In join, the homeless people who went there did 1 hour of work to get meals and showers. Our guides name was Mark. He showed us all of the rooms, including the basement. All of the lights downstairs were solar powered. They had a lot of stuff down there like clothes, hi-gene supplies and more. After having a tour of the whole building we had one person who came there, speak. He said he used to work at Disneyland and he was Goofy. After that we made some lunches for them. I put the bread out on the table. There were chips, sandwiches, and a drink in all of the lunches. When we were done we passed all of the lunches out. All of the people were very happy. After that we had 2 people speak to us. When they were done, we ate lunch and went to this playground place.

JOIN Visit - MM

Today we went to a place called JOIN. JOIN is a nonprofit group that helps homeless people. When we got there a man named Marc told us about homeless people. Then we went and saw their storage areas like the lockers that they have. We also went into the basement and saw a freaky skull. Then we made lunches for the homeless and got to talk to 3 people. One of them was a homeless person. He told us about his daily life. Another person, Quin, was a guy who worked there. He told us about his job, which is to go into camps with his coffee and make relationships with the homeless. Then we talked with a druggie named Danny who told us not to do drugs. Then we left and went to a park where we had lunch now stop reading this blog because I stopped typing it.

JOIN Visit - BH

By: Sharktail

Today my class took a trip to Join. Join is a non-profit organization. There was a man named Marc who was our guide. He worked at Join as a cordinator. At the begaining of the trip he talked to us about many different reasons why people are homeless. He also talked to us about what Join does to help the community. They opened up an hour after we got there. It was amazing to look at these people smileing while they had no money or steady shelter. They were happy to have each other. Join had created a community for the homless to not feel homeless. I have never seen so many happy people all in one place. No money, no home, no cloths but, they were still happy. It really made me think of how lucky i was to have my mom, my kitten, and my house. Even the little things made them happy mabye, just maybe America could learn something from these people. Many Americans have depression. They think there life's are so bad but, maybe it takes poverty to bring happiness to our everyday life's.

JOIN Visit - JS

On Monday my class and I went to visit the non-profit organization called “Join”. It was cool and I learned a lot, there we learned about people who are homeless and what the organization Join is doing to help. I learned that the homeless are regular people like just you and me who’ve had bad things happen to them. Some have lost their jobs, or couldn’t afford a place to live, drug addiction and mental illness are other reasons people can find themselves homeless. We met a guy named Danny, he shared with us about his life on the street and how he came to live on the streets. He told us how Join helped him get an apartment and how he is trying change so he can reunite with his kids. Then we made sandwiches and gave out lunches to the homeless people in the facility. It was fun and I learned a lot. I want to go there and volunteer on my own time.

JOIN Visit - DK

Marc was a nice man to let us lean how their company works and it's being used. Their most important things were socks and blankets. JOIN had a lot of stuff that they stored for the homeless people. I feel sorry for them, but now they have something that can keep them warm. Also JOIN had a lot of stuff that Scap's can use. Marc is a nice nice man to be around and letting homeless people having a home. I hope that the homeless people are praying and thanking God for what the people have done for them. Thank You Mr. Joe for letting us learn how JOIN got in a company. I love field trips, and I love them. Thank You for all of the drives that helped us get to JOIN in Portland. Roy was a nice man and he had some funny tricks that he showed us, they where funny, funny, funny, and funny. For example one finger in the right hand and one in the left hand, and you hit them together and it makes two, and you can put it in ether hand. Roy was also a nice nice man too, to use too. Than You Mr. Joe, and you are the nice teacher that we have.

JOIN Visit - TY

We went to Join as an expeditionary trip today. We had to drive to Portland to get there. We had several parents drive us there. In my car one of the girls and I would touch the ceiling and hold our breath when we went under tunnels.When we got there I noticed the side of the buildings said Street Roots (latter we saw one of the people we gave food to trying to sell their papers.). I have been seeing their newspapers when walking with my Halmony (Means grandmother in Korean). They tend to have homeless people selling them. When we got there we were given a guide named Marc. We went to the family area and had some of our thoughts browsed by Marc.He explained how the facility worked and how they have some of their things on a token basis (Basically you work for x amount of hours and get some tokens for things like shower uses.). We saw their storage area was informed how they use solar energy for some of their lights. They basically showed us the whole building. After our tour we made some sandwiches for the people there. Then we had some more talks. One of them named Danny was a drug addict. One thing that really annoyed me was when he said I will never be off the drugs. I can't stand it when someone gives themselves an excuse like that. That's up there with I am stupid, I am special, I will never be/do/can _____, or it won't do anything. They are just excuse get up and fight those boundaries break them, past them, and fight them. There no need to succumb to those powers.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Earth Day 2010 - JS


Its earth day 2010, and I think that we should be conserving energy and enjoying the earth we live on. We could turn off all the lights during the day and use the natural light from the sun. WE COULD ENJOY THE EARTH BY TURNING off COMPUTERS AND TV’S AND GO OUTSIDE. Instead OF DRIVING YOUR CAR, WE COULD WALK OR RIDE A BIKE. WE COULD ALSO recycle AND WE COULD EVEN START A COMPOST PILE instead of throwing away rotten fruit. That’s what I think some of the things we could do on earth day to celebrate the earth.