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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - BB

Blake is a elementary school teacher. He wanted to see South America. He now lives in Carrboro, N.C. When he was in Columbia he lived in Cartagena. His wife is from Columbia. Her name is Denise. They are both nonreligious. But Denise was baptised. He never got used to life in Columbia even though he lived there for two years. Blake graduated in 2004. He used six months to teach English in Columbia. The wife had no pets when they met.
The dogs roam free. If they do not bark they are gone. If cats do not catch mice they have to leave. Dogs are common. They had wonderful juices. Blake liked food, the people, and the dances. He ate smashed guinea pig, also known as qui. Soccer, cycling, Baseball, and tennis are popular sports. Women fell like objects. If you get married in other countries it takes longer to move here. Poverty is high in Colubia. Slums are hard to live in. It floods a lot in slums. Schools in slums have no chairs. It is over crowded in slums. There is 12 and over parents.

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