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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Mercy Corps Visit - SC

today at school we were having a field trip to mercy corp, a non-governmental organization-NGO. We took the TriMet Max down to the building of mercy corp where we started our field trip. At mercy corp we learned about what they do and their reasons behind it. We got to see some of their really cool equipment, and we also watched a couple of videos. I learned that they help those in poverty, moderate poverty, and extreme poverty. We watched videos on the people they help, the life's of those people, and the opinions of those people. Then we split up into groups of 4 and did a fun little activity. we did a small worksheet type of thing and then they gave us a small tour around the building. I had a lot of fun on the field trip and so did everyone else. When they were done we had lunch and left. I hope we can go back some day.

Mercy Corps Visit - KJ

My class went to a place called Mercy Corps. Mercy Corps is a nonprofit orgonization who helps other countries. They travel around the world helping people in poverty. One of the special things about Mercy Corps is that they are a nonprofit and are not part of the government. they don't get money from taxes so they need to find other ways of getting money to travel, get food and get clothes.

At first when we got there, we went into a hut like room and talked about what they do and about poverty. One thing we learned is that, not all people in poverty are sad, some of them are happy. They don't need computers or televisions to be happy. They have games they play and other things to do.

Another thing we learned is the five causes of poverty. They are natural dissasters, economy crisis, climate changes, war/conflict and another cause but i can't remember it. some of them can cause a chain reaction. for example if the climate changes there could be a natural disaster and when the disaster hits you could have an economy crisis.

I learned a lot of stuff today and we can do things to help the poor.

Mercy Corps Visit - JS

Mercy Core

Today our class went to Mercy Core, it was fun. We learned about Poverty around the world, specifically Afghanistan, and what Mercy Core does to help. While we were there we watched a movie called “What Are The Basic Needs.” It showed us what basic needs a person would need to survive, I thought it was epical. We talked about the cycle of poverty and the 5 reasons people become poor, a lot of times it had to do with war. We also learned about girls in Afghanistan not being able to go to school past 6th grade. I felt sad for them because the reason they had to stay home was so that they could take care of the home and to help take care of the family. We also heard people from Afghanistan talk about their life. I learned a lot and it was a lot of fun. There was also a giant screen with a Google earth map on it and it labeled all the places Mercy Core works and the major problems there are there. I want to go back there sometime on my own to learn about what Mercy Corp is about and I can get involved.

Mercy Corps Visit - MM

Mercy Corps Blog.

Today we went to a Mercy Corps sight in Oregon. They are a world wide group that helps stop poverty. In case you don't know, poverty is when a big group of people don't have their basic needs, which are: food, water, shelter, government and education. They are curently focused on helping in Afghanistan and Niger. We only talked about Afghanistan. They showed us a couple of videos showing what extreme poverty in Afghanistan. Then they had us pretend that we were Afghan leaders trying to find a way to provide decent reachable education. Our group had two options. Option 1, home school. Option 2, build a new, internet ready school, with a playground that will take two years to build. We picked to build a school because it has internet so the knowledge is not based on the knowledge of the teacher. Then each group shared their chose, we watched another video and went back to school.

Mercy Corps Visit - JM

Mercy Corp

The day after we went to join, also known as Tuesday, we went to a place called mercy corp. Mercy corp is a place where people help other countries in bad situations. They have done projects in 38 different countries. Their current project is in Afghanistan. The war has caused a lot of problems there. They also have problems with education. Females mostly have problems with education. They only get to 6th grade before they have to stop. That is because They do not have any teachers that know anything past 6th grade. Another problem with schools is that They also get destroyed a lot, so they could not go. If they have no school and people at their home do not know much or did not go to school, so they can not learn. Mercy corp helps a lot with the problems in Afghanistan and other countries like that, but they only have 1 small part of a building that helps America.

Mercy Corps Visit - TY

Merci Corps
By Tate Yu
One day after Join we are now going to Mercy Corps. Many of our parents are going with us including my Mom. We are short cars so one of us are in a trunk and another is ducking down between two seats. We are going to get to Portland by the Max station so that we may have a new experience. It takes a while but, we eventually get there. They have us first go in to a room with a lot of smiling children. It also has a big projector and the chairs are hollow so that we may put our bags in. Our guides name is Kendra. We watch part of a video explaining the cruel conditions with statistics that I don't quite agree with. They said that 90% of the world our in poverty. I don't think all of China is in poverty. She was suppose to teach us why the world is in poverty and what we can do to prevent it. She twisted many words though. Also many students looked over to me when she said "Global Warming" as they were expecting me to go vigilante.

Mercy Corps Visit - MD

MD’s reflection on her visit to Mercy Corps

It was very eye opening. I’m honestly not surprised that Oregon is the third hungriest state. Our visit to JOIN prepared us for what we’d learn in some way. The action center was fun, it was filled with pictures of people they’ve helped. And our guide Kendra did an awesome job explaining what Mercy Corps did and how they helped everyone. I saw how some women weren’t allowed to go to school in Afghanistan. We were broken off into groups to be “village elders” and make choices for the schools. After about 10 minutes we went up to the front of the room and presented our choices. Maybe after women start learning everyone will be considered this thing called “equal”. Change is very possible. It’ll will just take some time. But it can happen, maybe in a few years!

Mercy Corps Visit - LA

I had a lot of fun at Mercy Corps. I learned several things about them and what they do. And I love Mercy Corps because they other countries that are in need. And I learned something shocking. That Oregon is the 3rd hungriest state! I did not realize that Afghanistan has been at war for 30 yrs! That's a long time to be at war. Although, I was able to spin the earth on the google map, which was a lot of fun. I wish I could do that again. Also, we were split up in groups of 4 or 5 people, talk about problems and how to solve them, and we had to stand up in front of the class to share what we came up with, and answer questions. Sadly, we didn't go to a park to eat because it was raining and wet. On the way home, I saw some disappointing sights on the max from our class. Luckily, we didn't get into trouble. Anyway, I had lots of fun and I hope to go to Mercy Corps again.

Mercy Corps Visit - AR

At Mercycorp, we learned about the countrys filled with poverty, and the fact that Mercycorp helps about thirty eight diffrent countrys in the world. we all had workshops in groups of about four or five, each one having a diffrent problem to deal with. My group was faced with the challenge of a school being too far away from the poor children that need to go to it. We had two options, one: organize home schooling, or option two: build a school, obviously we chose to build a school that was closer to the children, option two was completly superior in almost every way! More choises between learning from book or computer, it has a playground for a fun break, and it is all solar powered! Overall, it was an educational and enjoyable trip, so I am glad that we went on it.

Mercy Corps Visit - SM

Today was really fun. I got to ride on the max for the first time that I can remember, and I got to do that twice! Mercy Corps was really cool, too.
First we talked about the five basic needs that all people should have (food, water, shelter, education, and health care) and the five main contributors to extreme poverty (natural disasters, climate change, economic crises, disease, and something else I cannot remember).
We then looked at a huge touchscreen version of Google Maps to find out where Afghanistan (over near India).
We also watched a few videos about Afghanistan. We saw one about schooling there, and we saw several videos of Afghan people telling us about their experiences there.
The next, last, and most fun part was when we split up into groups and pretended to be the elders and decide between two offers from Mercy Corps (I'm guessing) to improve the schooling there. This doesn't really have anything to do with it, but I say a horse outside on the sidewalk while one group was presenting their choice. :)
We then had lunch and rode back. The trip was really fun, and I hope we can do something like that again soon.


Mercy Corps Visit - DK

MercyCorp is about helping countries and needed food, education, shelter, and water. Also countries was in trouble, and MercyCorp helped them. Also MercyCorp helped 38 countries. We were the 3rd hungries state in the USA. One of them was Haiti and it needed help badly because of a 7.0 earthquake. It needed food, shelter, doctors, and lots of other things. MercyCorp is a good company to have, and it is even down town Portland, Oregon. I liked how MercyCorp help countries that need help badly. Wow 38 countries they helped and one of them was Haiti. Thank You Mr. Joe for having us learn about MercyCorp and JOIN what their company does and what they do. I love MercyCorp because MercyCorp helped countries that needed help, for example, Haiti and Afghanistan and a couple of other. I hoped that everyone learned something at MercyCorp and I learn that they helped with education. The lady was a nice and we did a fun activity, that we did as a class. The two hours was cool because she explain a lot of things about MercyCorp. She was really and really nice to us, just like Marc.


Mercy Corps Visit - KH

Mercy corps. is a company that helps poverty. When we came is I first thought that we would have to listen how our lives are better, how we are more fortunate then others. I was somewhat right. We were lucky to have a home, school, food, and water. But then Kendra told us something that none of us knew. Some People in poverty are happy. Some people in poverty only eat food worth $2-$3 a day, which in my oppinion isn't bad. Fastfood restuants now a days have a whole meal for real cheap. In my opinion being poverty in the USA isn't all that bad. Sure your homeless and you have no place to go. But you can help yourself with that. You could gain money by telling jokes, playing music, or just hold up a sign saying "I'm poor, can you help me?" People can easily get their three meals a day. I'm not saying its going to be healthy, but something is getting into your stomach none the less.
Thank you for reading.

Mercy Corps Visit - BH


Today my class went to mercy corps. I was really disappointed to find out that we are spending millions of dollars on other countries when we cant even fix our own. I think that we should start with our own country and work our way to the others after we are fixed. Why should we even help another country if they are at war with themselves? It's not like we are responsible for there self-destruction. I mean really there is a reason they call it SELF-destruction. I just am really upset at the fact that we are spending money in other country's when we don't have the money to spend. I mean honestly mercy corps could be helping the hundreds of single moms in the U.S.A who are living from paycheck to paycheck. I think the only reason it bothers me so much is because my mother and i have been deprived of the proper care from our government.

Mercy Corps Visit - AC

mercy corps is prity cool i mean it is a non profet compony that sends supplys and peaple to helpin conteryes that are in poverty.we got too wach a vido about what thay do in difrent conteryes. then we got to do this thing eare we got some clip bords and some papers with a comunity with a problom and tow difrent slou tions and we got to chews wich one we would use.thay also had a plasma screen with a touch screen monitir next to it with it we could move this google earth thing and zoom in on the whole world it was prity cool i think.on the way thair and back wegot to ride the max it was prity fun i think i hope we can do a thing on the max agen soon.that is what we did at murcy corps feld trip.

JOIN Visit - MD

This was a very interesting trip. I never knew how hard it was to be homeless. I mean yeah I figured it was hard but not that hard. It was heartwarming to see what JOIN was doing for them. We made sack lunches to pass out around noon, it was a very difficult process. What JOIN does for our community is amazing. Someday I’d like to donate new things for them to give out to their visitors. Maybe even donate my time to helping run the center. I really had fun on that trip. It was also neat seeing people still had spirit even though they may have not been in a good situation. This was also a reminder on how we should be happy with what we have and how we should help others. In short, JOIN was an excellent reminder of how we are crew not passengers!

Mercy Corps Visit - RE

I really enjoyed going to Mercycorps. I love riding on the Max, and then we walked to the Mercycorps building. Inside we met a woman named Kendra who taught just exactly what poverty is. I never knew there was such a thing as Extreme Poverty. I felt bad for the people she told us about, but she also said that poor doesn't mean sad, and I thought that was a really good point and that some people who are suffering from poverty are perfectly happy with their life. We saw people who lived on one dollar a day and people who lived on two dollars a day. It was sad to think about. After we watched a slide show we watched a video. We learned what causes poverty in the first place. Then we did an exercise like we were a government of sorts for Afghanistan. We chose different educational plans for specific towns and communities . Kendra said that if you can save a countries educational problems, you can often fix their over all problems with poverty. I learned a lot of things when I visited Mercycorps and I thought it was very interesting.

Mercy Corps Visit - TH

Mercy Corps
during my visit at Mercy corps we watched some videos on whats happening in Afghanistan. We saw the education deprived people and the ones who were educated were educated in religious education. We saw who lived one one dollar a day and didn't have proper santated area and had to gather fire wood, and get the water to drink. They had to teach kids outside without proper education supply's and people worked in fear. But there was one thing they did have and it was each other and hope that help one day will come. People think that when people are pore people are sad but that is not true. when people are poor they have each other to look on for help when they need help.