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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - MM

Last week we talked with Blake's wife. She is a philosopher. Mr. Joe had previously told us that when she first came to America, she was afraid of squirls because she had never seen them before. She told us that it just seemed unusuall to her. They have red squirls so she thought it was weird seeing a brown one. She also told us about how it’s weird that we call ourselves American when there is two continents called America and somehow they aren’t American.

She also told us about some of the civil war down there. Every group seems to have their own solution on how to handle the country. She also told us about the gorilla groups down there. How they didn’t just decide to pick up a gun. They were protesting against the government and no one was listening. The government was fighting them off so they picked up a gun to fight back.

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