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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - A.G.

skyping with Denise

skyping still was a new thing for me so i didn't really know how to with Blake but with Denise it was the same. I was really nervous to do it at first but when i did it it was fine. When we were skyping the connection was being stupid we could not see her but we could see us. She talked about Columbia and what it was like there and what the people were like. She showed us Sam and he was awesome. It was really hard to understand her so i didn’t get much out of it.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - K.J.

Skyping With Denise

Today, we skyped with Denise, Blake’s wife. She is from Cartagena, Colombia. When she first came to the U.S., she was surprised to see squirrels everywhere. She said that in Colombia there are only red squirrels in the country. She doesn’t like hot dogs or hamburgers too much and she likes hanging out with her friends.

She has a diploma in philosophy and is a philosopher. After high school, you have to choose your career and that is what you will go to college for. She mostly thinks about society. She thinks about questions most people wouldn’t ever think about. She likes the idea of equality and social justice. She doesn’t really agree with any of the rebel groups or the government. Both of them are causing violence. The government is “stopping” the violence by killing people. They invest mostly in the army which in turn creates more war. Taking care of the community is not a top priority for the government. The rebel groups, right now, aren’t a threat to the government. There is no violence in her neighborhood. Most of the violence is in remote areas outside the cities. She said that when you hear stories about violence, there are multiple sides. You never know who to believe. One of the things she hates the most is when people think she likes tortillas and tacos because she is from South America. She said that in every South American country, there are different foods. She said you shouldn’t assume that she is Mexican because only Mexicans are Mexican. She is Colombian.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - B.B.



I learned that the Government in Colombia is selfish and unreasonable, that is my opinion anyways. I am irked that the government have no regard to their promises. I dislike the fact that if you go to collage for a job your that job for your life. Denise is happy with her husband. She was visiting her family at the time we talked on skype. Her little boy is 14 months old. Denise is from Colombia. She is in philosophy. Columbia has diverse foods and drinks.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - C.Ja

Hey dudes, guess what, I’m back. Been awhile hasn’t? anyway, Today I’ be blogging about Denise, a person we skyped with who is native to Colombia and is the wife of one of Mr. Joe’s friends. S when we talked to her, we learned a lot about Colombia. Like There isn’t any real threat to the Colombia Government, besides the rebels, but even they haven't done anything extremely disastrous. Another thing is that the Indigenous people are fighting back to reclaim their land. But it’s very difficult for them. It seems that there has been a large report of massacres. Not just in Colombia, but everywhere else as well. Thanks for listening, signing out.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - LA

She’s from Cartagena. She is the wife of Blake and mother of 14-month-old Sam. Denise has been studying philosophy for four years. For those of you what a philosopher is, it’s a person studies a question about sociability and life. From what she says it’s always summer in Cartagena. Denise is an expert on conflict and poverty. She thinks it’s weird to see squirrels everywhere. Toys are pretty much the same. Denise really likes fish. And she didn’t even think about getting married before she met Blake.

First of all, she doesn’t agree with any rebel groups. She doesn’t like the Colombian government because many people are suffering. Apparently, the Colombian government is doing a lot to stop the violence by lying to stop the war. But they don’t care about the Indigenous; their safety just isn’t the Colombian government’s top priority. So far there is no big threat to the government. But the Indigenous and civilians are trying to fight back. So far, Denise hasn’t seen any violence in her neighborhoods. And with the stories that are going around, Denise can’t which story is true.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - CJ


On Friday we skyped with with Denise who is Blake's wife. She lived in Cartagena Colombia but now lives in Carrboro NC with Blake and her son Sam. She doesn't have citizenship in the United States because she dint want to betray her country. She has a green card for the State. In Cartagena its all ways summer.
People read about whats wrought with Colombia. Nobody knows that the people there are really nice. People think that your from Colombia then your Mexican. Its like somebody saying oh so your white than you must be from Canada. She said it she doesn’t like it when people from the United states calls them self Americans when there just the same as Latin America. United states really need to watch what there saying. Not all people agree with whats going on there. She doesn't agree with any of the groups. She said that the government is trying to stop it but its not working. There’s no violence in Cartagena but if you go to the country than there’s allot more. There isn't any big threats going on.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - DK


Denise is a very smart Colombian person and I like how she can answer most of our question. Denise is a philosopher. Denise has a husband that we Skyped on Wednesday and his name is Blake. Denise studies conflict of poverty and I think she is trying to stop poverty in Colombia. Denise and Blake live in Carrboro, North Carolina. She has a boy name Sam and he is 14 to 15 months old. Sam is a American and a Colombian in Colombia and in the USA. Denise lives in Cartagena and Blake has been there before. I like how she doesn’t want people think they have Mexican food and don’t judge there color of skin and think that they have Mexican food.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - HJ

Skying with Denise......

She doesn`t agree with none of the groups and she wants justice. People judge country by the nearest country.Colombia may be close to Mexico but they`re different in may ways. They may all talk the same language but Colombia is much bitter,and a lot of other thing.The government is try to find the leaders but not really caring. The government doesn't really care what happens out of city limits, at least that's what I remember. She try`s to help those who don`t get their human rights. What we hear is only what the media is telling us and not the truth. Some may be true but not all truth and the same thing that happened at all, some times. Nobody knows what happens because by the time it gets back the media has killed the story completely.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - SM

Skype With Denise

Last Friday we skyped with a woman named Denise. She is from the Colombian city called Cartagena. She told us that it’s always summer in Colombia. She is a philosopher. Denise does not agree with any of Colombia's paramilitaries. There is not much serious violence around where she lived.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - RS

Denise lives in Colombia. Denises favorite type of food is fish. Denises hasnt seen any violence in her neighborhood. Denises favorite American food is chicken dumpling. Denise is a philosopher. Denise isn't on any ones side in the civil war in Colombia. Denise is married to Blake. That is what i know about Denise.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - SP

Skype With Denise
When we where skyping with Denise I learned many things about colombia. I learned that the war they are in now is never ending. I also learned that the government does not care about the indigenous people. A very interesting thing I learned was that solders in colombia a called “legals” “I also learned that groups in colombia kill people to let people know they are there”

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - MM

Last week we talked with Blake's wife. She is a philosopher. Mr. Joe had previously told us that when she first came to America, she was afraid of squirls because she had never seen them before. She told us that it just seemed unusuall to her. They have red squirls so she thought it was weird seeing a brown one. She also told us about how it’s weird that we call ourselves American when there is two continents called America and somehow they aren’t American.

She also told us about some of the civil war down there. Every group seems to have their own solution on how to handle the country. She also told us about the gorilla groups down there. How they didn’t just decide to pick up a gun. They were protesting against the government and no one was listening. The government was fighting them off so they picked up a gun to fight back.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - CRW

In Colombia if you want to be a doctor it would take less time to become one there then to try to become one here. Denise is a philosopher. Denise doesn’t agree with any of the groups in Colombia. The government are forcing people out of their homes and harassing them all because they just don’t really care about them. Denise hasn’t seen much violence where she lives, her neighborhood is quite safe she hasn’t seen any body's house get shot at or anything like that. Apparently Denise has seen a squirrel before but not that many, and her squirrels are red. Her favorite food in Colombia is fish, she loves it. Her favorite American food is burgers, cornbread, and chicken dumpling. Her favorite thing to do in Colombia is just hang out with her friends. Denise can speak Spanish very well.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - M.Mu

Skype with Denise.

Denise doesn't really like any of the groups in Columbia. She does fear them though. Well I didn't learn any thing that I didn't already know from Blake so I don't really learn much about Columbia.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - AG

When we were skyping with Blake it was interesting because i have never done a web cam chat before. We learned so many cool things like that people eat ginipigs and other cool stuff. Like the massive earth worms,and that the people are very nice and good people. i learned that u can email some stranger and ask them to stay at there house for a little wile.The email thing is pretty scary so i would probly never do it but over all i might go and visit some day.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - BB

Blake is a elementary school teacher. He wanted to see South America. He now lives in Carrboro, N.C. When he was in Columbia he lived in Cartagena. His wife is from Columbia. Her name is Denise. They are both nonreligious. But Denise was baptised. He never got used to life in Columbia even though he lived there for two years. Blake graduated in 2004. He used six months to teach English in Columbia. The wife had no pets when they met.
The dogs roam free. If they do not bark they are gone. If cats do not catch mice they have to leave. Dogs are common. They had wonderful juices. Blake liked food, the people, and the dances. He ate smashed guinea pig, also known as qui. Soccer, cycling, Baseball, and tennis are popular sports. Women fell like objects. If you get married in other countries it takes longer to move here. Poverty is high in Colubia. Slums are hard to live in. It floods a lot in slums. Schools in slums have no chairs. It is over crowded in slums. There is 12 and over parents.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - JS

Yesterday, we got to skype with a friend of Mr. Joe's. His name is Blake. He lives in North Carolina, but his wife and son are from Colombia. He lived in Colombia for two years but has citizen ship in America. His son Sam has citizen ship in both America and Colombia and his wife, Denise has citizen ship in Colombia. Blake told us that when he got back to Colombia the first thing he noticed was all the colors. He told us he went to about half the country's there and his favorite part about South America was the food and the music.

Blake also told us that he did not like being targeted for pickpockets because he’s American but most of the people their are nice and very friendly. Another thing Blake told us was that the woman there are very mistreated and that some of the houses in poverty are mostly made of sacks and drift wood. That’s what I learned from skyping with Blake.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - LA

Yesterday, my class skyped with Blake, our teacher’s friend,about Colombia. He was born in Carver, North Carolina and graduated from college in 2004. Right now he’s teaching at an elementary school. He has a wife named Denise, who is colombian, and a son named Sam, who is half colombian, and is 14 months old. Denise is catholic but doesn't practice. Blake is not religious. Currently, he’s living in Cartagena, Colombia. He’s not used to his new lifestyle. Blake has been to many countries but only half of them. Blake didn’t face any challenges while he was moving back to the U.S. He met his wife when she was his host when she gave him shelter. And his first thought was that Colombia was very colorful.

In Colombia, the weather is between 95 and 100 degrees everyday. There’s major poverty and not a lot of rich people. Women usually become moms from 12 and up. Men would cheat on their wives and girlfriends. Their sports are soccer, baseball, cycling, tennis, and beauty pageants(for girls). Colombia has a variety of animals, but the exotic ones are iguanas, little monkeys, birds, dogs, and butterflies. Colombians let their animals roam and the animals come back at night. If the dogs don’t bark, they get kicked out. The soldiers would protect tourists. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the most famous man in Colombia. Most Colombians are friendly, but some will mug you.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - SP

I have learned that in colombia people eat guinea pig, which they call qui. I have also learned that in colombia they have so much fruit, that most of Americans have not seen them all. I have learned that the woman are not treated right, and that thay feel like objects. And I have also learned they have 40 to 50 students pear a class room.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - CJ

You don’t hear about the good things about Colombia on the web. Only if you’ve been their than you would now ,like Blake. He went down to Latin America to learn about farming. He went to Cartagena and he said it was amazingly beautifully there. But he couldn't wait to come back to the United States.He said the people were really nice and not like the things you hear on the web. He meet his wife there as will. There son has duel citizenship of America and Colombia. And Denise dint want to get an America citizenship. Colombia doesn't have squirrels so when Denise came and saw one she was scared of them. We also take things for granted in the United States. Like there schools is only a dirt floor (will the ones he saw). For a hundred chairs he got for the school was 150 dollars. Woman and girls were treated poorly. There human rights they had were being violated. Girls don’t get pregnant here at age 12 but in colombia they get pregnant at age 12.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - TS

So the other day we as a class had a Skype call with Mr. Joe’s good friend Blake. We asked him questions about him being in Colombia and other Latin American countries. He told us the reason he wanted to volunteer in Latin America is because he wanted to learn Spanish and wanted to learn farming techniques. Blake claims he never got used to the lifestyle because it lacked a lot of things in America we take for granted , such as returning a product at the store. Blake and what now is his wife, Denise have a son named Sam. He met Denise in Colombia she was hosting a place for him to live while he farmed. When Denise first came to America she was freaked out by squirrels. Blake stayed in Cartagena and he says it was extremely hot 95-100 degrees.

Blake claims he felt completely safe and that there was no danger you would not experience in a place such as Portland. Cartagena is a very colorful city and is very tropical. On the other hand women in Colombia grow up feeling like objects. A lot of the homes in the widespread in Colombia were makeshift and not very suitable. The schools in Colombia did not have the correct supplies for learning such as chairs. In fact Blake being the good person he is bought 100 chairs to donate to a school in Colombia. On a kinder note Blake's favorite things to do in Cartagena was get the amazing street food go to the beaches and dance salsa. So me of the street food that was there was a dish called Qui. Which is flattened fried Guinea pig. Skypeing with Blake was a great experience and hopefully we get to talk to his wife Denise.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - HJ

Colombia and Latin America

I found out that Colombia is a really nice place to live. We hear about what people want to tell us and not what they really want to hear. Everywhere they nice people. We heard about how he worked for housing. He gave his time as well as his knowledge. He gave up his money for the kids so they would have a nice place to sit. I think its really sad that they kill guinea pig to eat,its not sad its just grouse. It surprised me that America has more guns then Colombia. The police and some of the paramilitaries would help out. They mostly stand where they are more people coming to visit. Its very warm they`re which I wish its warm here but we live in a green place. He said that its really pretty because of all the flowers. They`re so many different fruits that we won`t hear about them. He makes me want to go to Colombia. I hope I get to go there someday.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - CRW

Blake is a elementary school teacher, he isn’t used to being in Colombia it was troubling for him to settle down in Colombia. If you buy something in Colombia it’s nothing like here in America if you buy it you keep it, it doesn’t matter if it’s broken or what you still won’t be able to return it. His son is 14 months old. Some of the animals there are small monkeys, lots of birds, and iguana’s. There dogs are treated very differently then how we treat our dogs. If they don’t bark they get put outside because the dogs are supposed to bark to protect your house. If the dog doesn’t kill the mice in your hose or any where else they once again get put outside. They don’t have squirrels in Colombia so when Blake brought his wife to America she saw a squirrel and thought they were weird. There is a lot of graffiti in Colombia mostly about AUC, FARC, and the president. Blake is rich compared to the other people in Colombia so people are always trying to get money out of him by either pick pocketing him or store managers will double their prices when they see Blake. The most popular sport in Colombia is soccer, they play also play baseball and tennis. Women are extremely mistreated in Colombia so there self esteem is very low. In Colombia’s amazon every animal or living thing there is bigger then animals in America, regular fish are the size of dolphins, there earthworms are as big as snakes. So I can’t imagine how big there snakes are. That’s just the summary of what Blake told me and the rest of the class.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - RS

You can learn from just going somewhere. Blake has bin to Colombia. I learned that Colombia's biggest sport is soccer. Colombian city graffiti is mainly to recruit people to F.A.R.C.. A native food that Blake ate was qui which is guinea pig. 95 percent of Colombia is catholic. Blake said it was hard to get use to Colombia. There are alot more organic farms then regular farms in south America. Some American animals are exotic to Colombia. Blake learned alot from Colombia and i learned alot from him.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - KJ

Yesterday, my class skyped with one of Mr. Joe’s friends again. His name is Blake. His wife is Colombian and his son is half American, half Colombian. He wanted to travel to every country in Latin America. He didn’t meet his goal but he got very close. He could ramble off many of the countries he has been to and the countries he hasn’t yet visited. Currently, Blake is living in Carrboro, N.C. while his wife, Denise, is visiting Cartagena, Colombia along with her son 14 month old Sam. Blake is a American citizen, Denise is a Colombian citizen, and Sam has dual citizen.

We learned a ton of facts, so here they are. When Blake was in Colombia, he said he felt very safe. There were police on buildings holding guns protecting the people. He said he liked the music, food, and people in Colombia. He said it was very tropical and had many tropical fruits, birds and butterflies. Soccer is a big sport in Colombia and so is cycling. They also have baseball and tennis. One of the big things is beauty pageants. He said that Colombia is well known for having the most beauty pageants. He said that it is very sad. The women are very self conscious, have a low self esteem and grow up feeling like objects. 95% of the people in Colombia but some of them don’t practice. The pets in Colombia are mainly dogs and cats. Dogs must and cats must catch mice, but in America, it’s the exact opposite. There iguanas and small monkeys and other animals as well. He also said that the average U.S. citizen has more money than 90% of Colombians. His favorite Colombian dish is an empanada type food. Colombians have a reputation of being the most friendly people.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - M.Mi

On Wednesday we Skyped with one of Mr. Joe’s american friends, Blake. He told us that there really was not as much violence and poverty as in Colombia as the Internet and Mr. Joe had told us that there was. There is some violence in the rural areas but it actually sounds like there was more violence and poverty inside the U.S. then in Colombia. Mr. Joe also told us that the earthworms were a foot in diameter. Blake told us that that was wrong to. The worms were still larger than ours, about three inches in diameter, but not as big as Mr. Joe told us. They also have fresh water fish as big as dolphins.

He told us about his travels. How they were supposedly some of the friendliest people. How he got pick-pocketed 3 times. How since he was American, he was rich to them, and walked around with a big target on his back for con artists. He told us about this program where people sign up and you can e-mail them and they will let you sleep in their house. He actually met his wife through that system.

We asked him if it took a long time to get back to the U.S. He told us that it didn’t take very long. It took a lot less time then Mr. Joe’s brother in law. He told us that it went quicker because they had a fiance visa. It goes quicker but you would have to have the wedding in the next three months.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - DK

Colombia is colorful when you see the country land. Blake likes Colombia’s burritos. He went to many different countries around South America. 95% of Colombia is christian or Catholic. Colombia popular pet are dogs. Blake's wife was afraid of the squirrels, when she came to the USA. Mainly in North Carolina. Blake went to Mr. Joe’s wedding on April 30th. The food in Colombia, they eat qui and they grill them. In the Amazon River everything is big. When he was in College, he was helping people do farming things.

What I Learned About Colombia from Talking with Blake - SM

Yesterday my class skyped with a guy named Blake. He lives in Carrboro NC. He has a wife named Denise and she is from Colombia. We asked him questions about Colombia. he told us that the food was good. He said that Colombia was really colorful. People keep dogs so they can scare people away. In Colombia there are lots of tropical birds and monkeys. There are worms the size of snakes and fish the size of dolphins. Squirrels are exotic in Colombia. those were the positive things I learned about Colombia.

What I Learned About Colombia from Talking with Blake - M.Mu

I learned many things with Blake but these are the main things i learned. I learned that you cant return objects to stores even if they break. Well what I think is that small monkeys replace squirrel’s. Alot animals that are in America are exotic in Colombia most people probably don't know what squirrel's are. Lower class Americans have more money than most of the people in Colombia. 95% of Colombia's residents are Catholic.