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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - A.G.

skyping with Denise

skyping still was a new thing for me so i didn't really know how to with Blake but with Denise it was the same. I was really nervous to do it at first but when i did it it was fine. When we were skyping the connection was being stupid we could not see her but we could see us. She talked about Columbia and what it was like there and what the people were like. She showed us Sam and he was awesome. It was really hard to understand her so i didn’t get much out of it.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - K.J.

Skyping With Denise

Today, we skyped with Denise, Blake’s wife. She is from Cartagena, Colombia. When she first came to the U.S., she was surprised to see squirrels everywhere. She said that in Colombia there are only red squirrels in the country. She doesn’t like hot dogs or hamburgers too much and she likes hanging out with her friends.

She has a diploma in philosophy and is a philosopher. After high school, you have to choose your career and that is what you will go to college for. She mostly thinks about society. She thinks about questions most people wouldn’t ever think about. She likes the idea of equality and social justice. She doesn’t really agree with any of the rebel groups or the government. Both of them are causing violence. The government is “stopping” the violence by killing people. They invest mostly in the army which in turn creates more war. Taking care of the community is not a top priority for the government. The rebel groups, right now, aren’t a threat to the government. There is no violence in her neighborhood. Most of the violence is in remote areas outside the cities. She said that when you hear stories about violence, there are multiple sides. You never know who to believe. One of the things she hates the most is when people think she likes tortillas and tacos because she is from South America. She said that in every South American country, there are different foods. She said you shouldn’t assume that she is Mexican because only Mexicans are Mexican. She is Colombian.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - B.B.



I learned that the Government in Colombia is selfish and unreasonable, that is my opinion anyways. I am irked that the government have no regard to their promises. I dislike the fact that if you go to collage for a job your that job for your life. Denise is happy with her husband. She was visiting her family at the time we talked on skype. Her little boy is 14 months old. Denise is from Colombia. She is in philosophy. Columbia has diverse foods and drinks.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - C.Ja

Hey dudes, guess what, I’m back. Been awhile hasn’t? anyway, Today I’ be blogging about Denise, a person we skyped with who is native to Colombia and is the wife of one of Mr. Joe’s friends. S when we talked to her, we learned a lot about Colombia. Like There isn’t any real threat to the Colombia Government, besides the rebels, but even they haven't done anything extremely disastrous. Another thing is that the Indigenous people are fighting back to reclaim their land. But it’s very difficult for them. It seems that there has been a large report of massacres. Not just in Colombia, but everywhere else as well. Thanks for listening, signing out.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - LA

She’s from Cartagena. She is the wife of Blake and mother of 14-month-old Sam. Denise has been studying philosophy for four years. For those of you what a philosopher is, it’s a person studies a question about sociability and life. From what she says it’s always summer in Cartagena. Denise is an expert on conflict and poverty. She thinks it’s weird to see squirrels everywhere. Toys are pretty much the same. Denise really likes fish. And she didn’t even think about getting married before she met Blake.

First of all, she doesn’t agree with any rebel groups. She doesn’t like the Colombian government because many people are suffering. Apparently, the Colombian government is doing a lot to stop the violence by lying to stop the war. But they don’t care about the Indigenous; their safety just isn’t the Colombian government’s top priority. So far there is no big threat to the government. But the Indigenous and civilians are trying to fight back. So far, Denise hasn’t seen any violence in her neighborhoods. And with the stories that are going around, Denise can’t which story is true.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - CJ


On Friday we skyped with with Denise who is Blake's wife. She lived in Cartagena Colombia but now lives in Carrboro NC with Blake and her son Sam. She doesn't have citizenship in the United States because she dint want to betray her country. She has a green card for the State. In Cartagena its all ways summer.
People read about whats wrought with Colombia. Nobody knows that the people there are really nice. People think that your from Colombia then your Mexican. Its like somebody saying oh so your white than you must be from Canada. She said it she doesn’t like it when people from the United states calls them self Americans when there just the same as Latin America. United states really need to watch what there saying. Not all people agree with whats going on there. She doesn't agree with any of the groups. She said that the government is trying to stop it but its not working. There’s no violence in Cartagena but if you go to the country than there’s allot more. There isn't any big threats going on.

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Denise - DK


Denise is a very smart Colombian person and I like how she can answer most of our question. Denise is a philosopher. Denise has a husband that we Skyped on Wednesday and his name is Blake. Denise studies conflict of poverty and I think she is trying to stop poverty in Colombia. Denise and Blake live in Carrboro, North Carolina. She has a boy name Sam and he is 14 to 15 months old. Sam is a American and a Colombian in Colombia and in the USA. Denise lives in Cartagena and Blake has been there before. I like how she doesn’t want people think they have Mexican food and don’t judge there color of skin and think that they have Mexican food.