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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - CRW

Blake is a elementary school teacher, he isn’t used to being in Colombia it was troubling for him to settle down in Colombia. If you buy something in Colombia it’s nothing like here in America if you buy it you keep it, it doesn’t matter if it’s broken or what you still won’t be able to return it. His son is 14 months old. Some of the animals there are small monkeys, lots of birds, and iguana’s. There dogs are treated very differently then how we treat our dogs. If they don’t bark they get put outside because the dogs are supposed to bark to protect your house. If the dog doesn’t kill the mice in your hose or any where else they once again get put outside. They don’t have squirrels in Colombia so when Blake brought his wife to America she saw a squirrel and thought they were weird. There is a lot of graffiti in Colombia mostly about AUC, FARC, and the president. Blake is rich compared to the other people in Colombia so people are always trying to get money out of him by either pick pocketing him or store managers will double their prices when they see Blake. The most popular sport in Colombia is soccer, they play also play baseball and tennis. Women are extremely mistreated in Colombia so there self esteem is very low. In Colombia’s amazon every animal or living thing there is bigger then animals in America, regular fish are the size of dolphins, there earthworms are as big as snakes. So I can’t imagine how big there snakes are. That’s just the summary of what Blake told me and the rest of the class.

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