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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - TS

So the other day we as a class had a Skype call with Mr. Joe’s good friend Blake. We asked him questions about him being in Colombia and other Latin American countries. He told us the reason he wanted to volunteer in Latin America is because he wanted to learn Spanish and wanted to learn farming techniques. Blake claims he never got used to the lifestyle because it lacked a lot of things in America we take for granted , such as returning a product at the store. Blake and what now is his wife, Denise have a son named Sam. He met Denise in Colombia she was hosting a place for him to live while he farmed. When Denise first came to America she was freaked out by squirrels. Blake stayed in Cartagena and he says it was extremely hot 95-100 degrees.

Blake claims he felt completely safe and that there was no danger you would not experience in a place such as Portland. Cartagena is a very colorful city and is very tropical. On the other hand women in Colombia grow up feeling like objects. A lot of the homes in the widespread in Colombia were makeshift and not very suitable. The schools in Colombia did not have the correct supplies for learning such as chairs. In fact Blake being the good person he is bought 100 chairs to donate to a school in Colombia. On a kinder note Blake's favorite things to do in Cartagena was get the amazing street food go to the beaches and dance salsa. So me of the street food that was there was a dish called Qui. Which is flattened fried Guinea pig. Skypeing with Blake was a great experience and hopefully we get to talk to his wife Denise.

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