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Thursday, May 26, 2011

What I Learned about Colombia from Talking with Blake - CJ

You don’t hear about the good things about Colombia on the web. Only if you’ve been their than you would now ,like Blake. He went down to Latin America to learn about farming. He went to Cartagena and he said it was amazingly beautifully there. But he couldn't wait to come back to the United States.He said the people were really nice and not like the things you hear on the web. He meet his wife there as will. There son has duel citizenship of America and Colombia. And Denise dint want to get an America citizenship. Colombia doesn't have squirrels so when Denise came and saw one she was scared of them. We also take things for granted in the United States. Like there schools is only a dirt floor (will the ones he saw). For a hundred chairs he got for the school was 150 dollars. Woman and girls were treated poorly. There human rights they had were being violated. Girls don’t get pregnant here at age 12 but in colombia they get pregnant at age 12.

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